international business & Industry consulting
  • Developing Successful Direct and Multi-Level Selling Channels for end markets
  • Short, Medium & Long Range Development Strategies
  •  Market Intelligence Analysis
  • New Product Development 
  • KPI Measurement
  • Talent Management & Career Development
  • Mergers & Acquisitions



OUR CONSULTANTS HAVE BEEN EVERYWHERE – let us share our wealth of knowledge. 

Test & Measurement Industry


AIP also means, "Anything​ Is Possible".  It symbolizes the way all business is conducted @ AIP and how we respect the ideas and strategies of our clients.  We team together and develop a partnership because we believe in strategy excellence, innovation and creating the best quality products and services worldwide.

AIP monitors Key Performance Indicators at customized Intervals throughout the process, adjusting strategies as needed in order to fully optimize the project's success


Experienced in strategic and operational consulting in the specialized radiation industry, which develops sources and equipment used in a variety of non-destructive testing, security, oil and gas, and medical applications.  Deep knowledge and expertise in sales, product development, global logistics, and international regulatory agencies.

Global Consulting Services

AIP Global Strategies, LLC uses surveys, interviews, and observation to conduct a comprehensive study and Assessment of your organizational requirements.

Next, we discuss technologies and strategies which will advance the organization to the next level.  After executive approval, we manage Implementation until the end.